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Date: 1st September
Press Release:
Daymen UK (Lowepro, Joby) announces TNS Connect as the Distributor for its products for UK and Ireland.


Birmingham, 1st September 2016. Daymen UK, known for its market leading brands Lowepro™ and Joby™, is announcing a partnership with TNS Connect to distribute its products in the UK and Ireland. This transition is in line with the new Go-To-Market strategy that Daymen is implementing on a global scale, by which an increased focus on product design, market development and demand generation is married to a more concentrated distribution model. The business will be transitioned from October 1st.


“I am extremely pleased that after careful review and analysis of various candidates, we can today announce our partnership with TNS Connect as our distribution partner for UK and Ireland” says Frederic Rainjonneau, Vice President of Daymen Europe. “TNS connect have struck up a very successful partnership with Daymen in Australia in the last year and have also worked together successfully with Daymen in the UK and Ireland expanding the Joby™ Mobile and Joby™ Action product ranges into new channels”. Rainjonneau continues, “In TNS Connect we have a found an experienced and dedicated partner with proven track record in expanding brands into new areas and they operate with the same high quality standards that we as Daymen embrace. I am confident that this new partnership will ensure our Lowepro™ and Joby™ products will grow further in prominence in the UK and Ireland”.


TNS Founders, John Mchugh and Ivan Eustace said from the company’s Dublin headquarters, “We are proud to continue and further develop our long standing partnership with the Daymen group and are excited to have the opportunity to work closely with our partners across the UK and Ireland to maintain and grow the market leading position of the Lowepro™ and Joby™ brands”.


About Daymen
Since its inception in 1981, DayMen has enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the photographic and consumer electronics industry globally as an innovative designer, marketer, and distributor of high quality imaging products and accessories from Lowepro® and Joby®, and other leading third party brands. Lowepro and Joby are sold in over 100 countries throughout the world.


About TNS Connect
TNS Connect is headquartered in Ireland, with sales offices in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. We have unrivalled access to innovations in consumer electronics and accessories. The TNS Connect list of vendors includes some of the most cutting edge and emerging consumer electronics brands. Our detailed understanding of products, consumer trends and retail “know how” means we realise innovations and get them to market. Our approach forms lasting and profitable partnerships that transform businesses for good. We are constantly expanding. Driven by what we believe in – always one step ahead, TNS Connect always finds a way to get the job done and always delivers value – we are constantly moving forward. From world-renowned brands in digital lifestyle products to start-ups inventing the future; from vendors to retailers, one name connects the best TNS Connect.

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