Take the BitOlympics challenge to win $1,000 in bits & SWAG!


LittleBits has launched its BitOlympics Challenge for 2016. Create an Olympics-inspired invention, then film it in action and upload it to the site by September 5. This is your chance to bring home gold and glory for your country. After last year’s massive BitOlympic success, LittleBits are calling all inventors, tinkers, and makers all over the globe to help celebrate the 2016 Olympics Games. Bit style. The challenge is to create an Olympic-inspired invention using LittleBits, then film it in action and share it with the global community by logging into LittleBits.cc and uploading you video.


The Prize for Gold.

The 1st place BitOlympian will win $1000 worth of Bits and super special swag, 2nd and 3rd place BitOlympians will take home up to $300 in Bits and super special swag. Finally, honourable mentions will receive super special swag.


Getting Started.

LittleBits recommend for beginners to look at using the following kits:
Gizmos & Gadgets Kit
Steam Student Set
Premium Kit


There are loads of ideas to give you inspiration, available to view on the LittleBits BitOlympics 2016 page http://littlebits.cc/challenges/bitolympics-2016. Start by sketching out your idea with family or friends, play around with it and create a prototype of your invention, tweak your ideas and when happy with your contraption make a video of it in action and upload it to the LittleBits site.


Let the games begin!

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