February 15, 2017
Run Angel

Personal Safety Alarm Wearable for Female Runners.

2017 sees the launch of Run Angel – an innovative smart safety wearable aimed at the growing female running market that emits a loud 120dB high-pitch audible alarm when activated and pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send out alerts in the event of an emergency.


Who are Run Angel?

Run Angel, an innovative wearable technology company based in Cork, Ireland who also happen to be a friendly bunch of runners that believe when it comes to running, your personal safety is of paramount importance over anything else (including the number of steps you take!).


Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team, David & Ellen Caren, and with the help of an extensive team of engineers, app developers, acoustic experts, industry mentors and security advisors, they have developed this personal safety wearable.


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