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Whether it’s distribution, trends or product popularity, we understand global because we are global. If you’re looking to sell your product, we have extensive experience, interests and relationships in every corner of the globe. So if you want to go far, go no further than TNS Connect, a CMS Distribution company.

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GoPro Connects With TNS

The perfect fit


Hero4 Simplified

GoPro and TNS Connect, a CMS Distribution company, joined forces in 2015, and have been the perfect fit for each other in our journey to date.

Both companies are passionate about what we do; each strives to be the best in our sector and believe continuous innovation, cutting edge technology and an open ear for customer feedback are the key to success.

GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras; this customer-focused company is transforming the way consumers capture, manage, share and enjoy meaningful life experiences. GoPro does this by enabling people to capture compelling, immersive photo and video content of themselves participating in their favorite activities.

From extreme to mainstream, professional to consumer, GoPro has enabled the world to capture and share its passions, by providing a range of cameras, accessories and software services to suit every need.

TNS Connect is the only authorised distributor for GoPro in the UK & Ireland. Since joining forces, TNS Connect took the time to listen to what GoPro’s needs are from us as their UK and Irish distributor.

To date, TNS Connect has delivered a tailored service for GoPro which is continuing to evolve, ensuring all of GoPro’s needs are met, and we have assisted in continuing to bring this pioneering brand to their chosen markets. TNS Connect has supplied GoPro with honest and insightful advice to enhance our partnership.

Both companies believe in providing an added-value service and can-do attitude to everything we do; the passion is evident in both parties, which ensures that we are, and will continue to be, a world class fit for each other. TNS Connect and GoPro look forward to a successful future working together. Watch this space!

From world-renowned brands in digital lifestyle products to start-ups inventing the future; from vendors to retailers, one name connects the best – TNS Connect, a CMS Distribution company.


we know a good product when we see one

Here’s what we look for

I actually get inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the creator – hunger, dedication, hard work and a dose of humility (because not everything is 100% right the first time).

Ivan Eustace – Founder – TNS

I love to see innovation; it is the key to the future if you want to stand out from the crowd.

John McHugh – Founder – TNS

Probably the most beautifully crafted sets of headphones I have seen. The execution of a pristine design, married with phenomenal sound makes them a force to be reckoned with – speaking about one of our best selling headphones.

Richard Mullen – Purchasing Manager – TNS

Products that easily solve a common problem fly off the shelves! Sometimes the simplest product is just what the market is looking for. We work closely with our customers, which allows us to spot niches in the market so that we can determine what products to purchase from suppliers.

Don Holmes – Sales Director – TNS

If you think you have a product that will impress our passionate staff.

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