Packed in a stylish suitcase, this retro turntable will play your old LPs and 45s and can handle your MP3 files too. Article By Andy O’Donoghue


Retro, or vintage, is everywhere. From clothes to food, we can’t get enough of the past. And even technology has seen a retro revival. Original Apple I computers sell for a fortune at auction and retro-style games are finding audiences with the children of parents who played the original versions.


The record player is one piece of tech that has seen a huge resurgence in interest, and audiophiles whooped with delight earlier this year as Technics re-released the iconic SL-1200 turntable.


If you don’t have the budget for a fancy high- end turntable though, Elyxr Audio is trying to make the vinyl resurgence fun, but accessible. Its Revolution Turntable attempts to fuse two worlds by combining an entry-level turntable with USB recording at an affordable price.


I unpacked the box to discover a small 1950s-style suitcase. Opening the suitcase reveals the Revolution Turntable in all its retro-glory.
Once powered up, the turntable has a few modes to choose from. I unearthed a couple of old LPs from the attic and put one on the turntable. It plays at 45rpm and 33rpm for singles and albums, but the turntable will also play 78s too. The player has a dedicated speed button, as well as controls for switching modes, a nice old-fashioned circular volume control dial and an auto-stop switch.


Once I’d set the mode to Turntable mode, there was a short reassuring crackle from my old Police album and then Sting & Co. burst into action. And if you have music that you’ve already recorded on a USB memory stick you can insert the key, switch to USB mode and use the player to play back your MP3 music through the turntable’s speakers.

The record mode utilises both the vinyl and USB elements of the player. Pressing record mode will start recording on a USB stick that’s been inserted. Once inserted and recording, set the record playing and the music from your vinyl will be recorded, directly as a single track on to the attached USB device. There is an option to record an album as individual tracks.


The Revolution turntable has two other modes: the first is a simple line-in mode, allowing you to connect a 3.5mm audio cable to an audio or MP3 player and that music will be played through the turntable’s speakers.


The feature I used the most though, was line-out. Packaged with this gadget is an RCA cable, which connects to the back of the device and the other end goes to a small head- phone jack, which I was able to plug in to my digital home-audio system.


This is a well-made device with exceptional styling. The sound is decent, given the entry-level price. With the living room lights dimmed, it’s the perfect way to relive old musical memories.

The Gadget Buzz with Andy O’Donoghue @ADODonoghue
An edited version of this review appeared in The Irish Mail on Sunday on 18-Sep-2016.

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