We’re Innovative

We connect startups to retail superstars


We have unrivalled access to the biggest Fortune 500 names as well as the bravest emerging brands.

We are committed to forming long-term relationships between them and the major retailers, so that together we evolve as trends and markets do.

We develop bespoke supply-chain solutions. We are championing innovative business practices in storage and inventory management, as well as order receiving and processing.

We’re agile

We connect need now to have now

Always Ready…

We connect the right products to the right retailers with an unrivalled speed to market.

We have the knowledge, the staff, the insights and the experience to spot trends early, and the logistical services to act on them fast. From stock levels to stock transport, we prepare accordingly for whatever’s needed, so our vendors cash in quickly.

…And able

If there is a product that’s going to be in demand, we get it to store ready to meet that demand because we’ve built relationships and processes that help us match requirements.

From dedicated account directors with exceptional knowledge, you can see why some of the most demanding brands have been with us consistently for the last 15 years.

We’re on trend

We connect leaders to followers

Knowledge In

We constantly consult with brands and immerse ourselves in their markets and their consumers so that we fully understand both.

Knowledge Out

We have over a hundred, long-term, qualified specialists working for us, each of who are ready and willing to pass on their insights, their opinions and their expertise to you.

We’re global

We connect g’day to bonjour

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